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For the first time… the World Cup song brings together 4 Arab female singers

The International Football Federation (FIFA) unveiled the fourth official song of the World Cup with the presence of 4 Arab artists.

The song “Light Up the Sky” was released thanks to the collaboration of 4 Arab artists: Emirati singer Balqis, Moroccan-Canadian star Nora Fathi and Iraqi Rahma Riyad, in addition to award-winning songwriter and man Manal. Maghrebiyah

The video for the song also celebrated the debut of female referees at the World Cup by showing the six female referees who will be helping to officiate at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, including France’s St√©phanie Fraparte, Rwanda’s Salima Mukansanga, Japan’s. Yoshimi Yamashita, Brazil’s Nyusa Pak and Mexico’s Karen Diaz, in addition to America’s Kathryn Nisbett.

“Light The Sky” is the fourth official soundtrack for the competition, following “Come On”, “Welcome” and “The World Is Yours To Take”, and more recordings will be released before the competition kicks off on November 20.

Producer and CEO RedOne says, “Light The Sky invites us to sing together, if we are truly united, it revives the spirit of collective celebration of the World Cup, and a motivational message to present a different tournament in style. Is.” FIFA entertainment

Rooted in the Middle East, the song will resonate with football and music lovers of all ages, featuring the first female referees in the tournament’s history.

Source: Lebanon Debate

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