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Volodymyr Zelensky says Ukrainians shot down two Russian military planes in Zaporizhia


The Ukrainian president discussed operations on the ground and offered details of another prisoner exchange. Zelensky further advocated the need to take more Russian prisoners of war.

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Ukrainian forces reportedly shot down two Russian military aircraft in the Zaporizia region. The information came from the Ukrainian president himself, Volodymyr Zelensky, who, in his usual nocturnal communication to the country, took stock of the situation of operations on the ground and Ukrainian activities in the context of the conflict with Russia.

According to Zelensky, the operation in the region where the largest nuclear power plant in Europe is located was carried out by the 15th Operational Brigade of the Ukrainian National Guard and the military aircraft in question would be of the “SU type” – an acronym for Sukhoi, the main Kremlin military aircraft manufacturer.

“Thanks to two of our particularly successful heroes”he mocked the Ukrainian leader, adding that “one of them had already received the Hero of Ukraine medal and shot down not only an enemy plane, but also a cruise missile.”

At the same time, the Ukrainian president also referred to the prisoner exchange that, on Thursday, saw 106 Ukrainian soldiers return to their homes. According to the Ukrainian president, this batch of prisoners of war includes eight high-ranking military officers and 98 soldiers and sergeants. “They fought in the Bakhmut sector,” he revealed.

Zelensky did not give details about the Russians released to complete the exchange, but stressed that prisoners of war are an important asset in negotiations with Moscow. “Everyone at the front should remember this: the more Russian prisoners of war we take, the more of our people we can return,” he declared.

The US Secretary of Defense says he expects Ukrainian pilots to start training on F-16 fighter jets in the coming weeks.

In his video statement, the President of Ukraine still had time to recall the surprising speech he delivered this Thursday afternoon, before graduate students at John Hopkins University, in the US. “This is one of the best institutions schools in the United States”, he said about the institution. that has trained dozens of Nobel Prize winners, as well as various rulers and renowned figures from the world of journalism, science and the arts. “Yours ex student They are powerful individuals, and some have already had a significant impact on politics.”

In a video broadcast from kyiv, Zelensky urged young university graduates to devote their time and resources to pursuing their passions and defending the democratic values ​​at stake in the war against Russia.

The Ukrainian president also told Hopkins graduates to make the most of every moment, reminding that the ongoing conflict has affected the future of countless young Ukrainians, robbing them of opportunities and loved ones.

“Time is the most valuable resource on the planet”he said, explaining that some people realize it earlier, and are “the lucky ones,” and others “realize it too late, when they lose someone or something.”

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Source: Observadora

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