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Location point. What happened during the 457th day of the war in Ukraine?

The Russian attack on Dnipropetrovsk left at least two dead and 30 wounded. Dmitry Medvedev says the Kremlin is prepared to launch a preemptive nuclear strike against Ukraine.

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This Friday marks another Russian attack on Ukrainian civilian infrastructure. This time, an attack on a hospital in the Dinpropetrovsk region caused at least two deaths and 30 injuries (including two children, ages 3 and 6). Ukraine’s Defense Ministry classified the attack as “a serious war crime under the Geneva Convention.”

At the same time, the Institute for the Study of War (ISW, in its original acronym), considered in its most recent update on the situation in Ukraine that it is “highly unlikely” that the transfer of nuclear weapons from Russia to Belarus means a escalation in the conflict. The same does not apply if Ukraine receives nuclear weapons. So says Dmitry Medvedev, the chairman of Russia’s Security Council, who has warned that the Kremlin is prepared to launch a preemptive nuclear strike against kyiv if Ukraine receives nuclear weapons from its allies.

Dialogue with Ukraine ‘impossible’ while Zelensky is in power, says former Russian president

Here’s a rundown of the other events marking this 457th day of the invasion:

What happened during the morning and early afternoon?

  • A Ukrainian drone strike damaged a building belonging to Gazprom, Russia’s largest energy company, in Russia’s Belgorod region;
  • Brazilian President Lula da Silva spoke “by phone” with his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin. On her personal Twitter account, the Brazilian head of state announced that she had declined Putin’s invitation to “go to the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum”;
  • The president of the Russian Security Council, Dmitry Medvedev, one of the main promoters of the invasion of Ukraine, considered that the war could last “decades”. Regarding a possible negotiation with kyiv, the former Russian president also says that it is “impossible” to maintain a dialogue with Ukraine while Zelensky is in power;
  • Pope Francis considered this Friday that Ukraine is not considering mediation for peace because it knows that “it has a very large force of its own”, while Moscow said that it appreciated this attempt at mediation;
  • The Ukrainian president applauded the UK’s “historic decision” to recognize the Holodomor, or Great Famine, of 1932 and 1933 as genocide.

Source: Observadora

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