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Diamonds and pearls in Norway. Queen Mary of Denmark’s tribute to her mother-in-law

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The kings of Denmark are visiting Norway and the gala dinner revealed gems full of history. From María’s tribute to her mother-in-law, to Sónia’s emeralds that have already passed through Lisbon.

The new kings of Denmark continue their tour of Scandinavia and this Tuesday they were received in Norway for a two-day state visit, the second of their reign. The day of arrival was also the day on which Frederik X and Mary celebrated their twentieth wedding anniversary and, once again, at the gala dinner the jewels had stories to tell.

Members of Frederik are on board and will be taking up residence at Fredensborg Castle for the next few months. This was the home of the kings during their early years of marriage and they now return there because the location of this castle allows them to more easily travel by boat to the places they wish to go, i.e. visit the neighboring countries of Scandinavia. Just a week ago they were in Sweden, now it’s Norway’s turn.

The kings of Denmark arrived this Tuesday on the royal yacht at the port of Honnorbryggen, in Oslo, and were received by kings Harald V and Sónia and by crown princes Haakon and Mette-Marit. They then headed to the Royal Palace in open cars and on the way they were greeted by the Norwegians. Frederick Lunch took place at the palace and the afternoon was spent in the science city of Oslo. The day ended with the gala dinner.

The jewels that Mary of Denmark put in her luggage for her first trip as queen

Mary wore the Pearl Poire tiara, a favorite of Queen Margaret, as well as a pair of earrings and a brooch to match the jewels on her head, in what appears to have been a tribute to her mother-in-law. Birgit Hallstein’s light blue dress with a sheer sash around her shoulders helped highlight her luminous jewelry.

The Pearl Poire tiara was Queen Margaret’s choice in all of her official portraits. The jewel belonged to Princess Louise of the Netherlands, who was born at the beginning of the 19th century and was the great-great-grandmother of the current Queen Margaret. She left the tiara as an inheritance to her daughter, Princess Louise of Sweden, who became Queen of Denmark when she married Frederick VIII of Denmark. The tiara has 18 pear-shaped pearls hanging from diamond arches and is named after the pearls. The queen usually accompanies the tiara with a striking necklace and earrings, all of them made of pearls, forming a set. The tiara is a jewel that has been in the Danish royal house and passed from generation to generation until it reached Queen Margaret, who used it very frequently, in countless important moments, and in official portraits, as occurs in the first photograph official. her as queen of Denmark and the celebration of her golden wedding, which will take place in January 2022. Now it is Queen Mary who begins a new stage in the history of this tiara.

A small summary of this dinner can be seen in a video published on the Instagram account of the Royal House of Norway.

Queen Sonja of Norway wore the same set of emerald jewelry that she had worn at Frederik and Mary’s wedding, precisely two decades earlier. The date on which the jewels were created is not known with certainty and, therefore, there is no certainty about who they were created for, explains the website The Court Jeweler, which adds that it could have been for the Empress Josephine, wife of Napoleon. or to her daughter-in-law, Augusta, the Duchess of Leuchtenberg. When Augusta died in 1851, the set of emeralds was divided between her three daughters: Amélie, Empress of Brazil, Josephine, Queen of Sweden and Norway, and Théodolinde, Duchess of Urach. The jewels remained in the hands of the Empress of Brazil, who brought them to Lisbon and, as her daughter had already died when she died, the pieces passed to her sister, Queen Joséhine of Sweden and Norway. She, in turn, left the jewels to her daughter-in-law, Queen Sofia of Sweden and Norway, who would later pass them on not to her daughter, but to her daughter-in-law, Princess Ingeborg. The tiara pendants were then made into earrings and the necklace pendants were distributed among family members.

This set of emeralds traveled to be worn by Nordic princesses at three coronations in the United Kingdom and when Princess Martha and her three children fled the Second World War to the United States, her mother, Princess Ingeborg, gave her the jewels. . Emeralds returned to Norway and continued to be passed down from generation to generation. Queen Sónia is the only member to have worn this outfit during her reign. On Tuesday night, her orange dress caused a striking contrast of colors.

Princess Mette-Marit wore a long floral-print skirt, a white robe and an amethyst tiara. Princess Astrid, sister of King Harald, was also present and joined the family photograph.

The dinner menu included Norwegian asparagus with egg cream, white fish roe with turnips, carrot tartare with garlic garlic, truffle, mushroom chips and mustard seeds. The main course was grouper with sauce, caramelized onion, beets and mussels. The dessert featured flavors of raspberries and chocolate, according to Hola magazine.

The family photo taken at the speech dinner offered by the kings of Norway and shared by the royal house of that country

King Harald and the former Queen Margaret are cousins ​​and this visit also serves to strengthen the ties that unite both countries. On the second day of their visit, the kings of Denmark and the princes of Norway spent the morning in nature with a walk in the Ulsrudvannet nature reserve. The agenda for the rest of the day was filled with more institutional engagements, such as with the Prime Minister and the head of Defence, for the end of the second and final day of the visit, a visit to the Much Museum and the Opera House and. also a reception offered by the Danish kings aboard their yacht.

King Frederick took advantage of his visit to Norway to be with the crown princess of that country and her goddaughter, Princess Ingrid.

The Danish royal house published a video of the walk of the kings and princes on its Instagram account on the morning of the second day.

Source: Observadora

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