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Temps D’Images returns on June 1 with five premieres and a new direction

In this first moment of the 22nd edition of the festival – which is now divided into two parts throughout the year -, which will run until June 16, the focus will continue to be “experimentation, risk and artistic diversity”, with projects by emerging artists and collectives. and already recognized creators.

The festival, which is presented with a new artistic team, composed of António Câmara Manuel, Ana Calheiros, Maria João García and Leonardo Garibaldi, will open on June 1 and 2, at the BlackBox of the Belém Cultural Center, with Ana Libório , Bruno José Silva and João Estevens premiere, in Lisbon, the piece “Cosmic Phase/Stage”, described as a performance expanded “to an area of ​​hybridism that crosses art and science.”

The show “builds, in real time, an immersive and contemplative environment that incites reflection on forms of communication and the perception of ideas of otherness,” according to the synopsis of the program released on Tuesday by the organization.

At Cinema Ideal, on June 6, choreographer Francisco Camacho presents the revival of “Gust 1997”, and the documentary “GUST9723”, by Olga Ramos and Ricardo Rezende, premiered at Temps D’Images, is also screened, which contains a reflection about the creator and the act of creating.

Sara Ribeiro, or La Negra, presents “Deus Só”, a visual concert that premieres a new work, at Rua das Gaivotas 6, on June 7 and 8, whose songs contain the stories of a “female character who shuffles senses and challenges perceptions about women,” at a preview show for the album of the same name, scheduled for release in late 2024.

At the Teatro Ibérico, another of the festival’s partners, on June 8 and 9, Cire will rescue the memory of the actress and singer Eartha Kitt, in an absolute premiere, to celebrate resistance through art: “History is “It takes place in the 40s, in America, and today, in Portugal, where a young non-binary singer is inspired, reflects, lives and expands,” the program describes.

The documentary “Verdade ou Consequência?”, by Sofia Marques, is broadcast in a single session at the Cine São Jorge, on June 11, and tells the life of Luis Miguel Cintra in the theater, also revealing the friendship and complicity of the director and actress with the 75-year-old actor and director, founder of the Teatro da Cornucópia, in 1973, together with director Jorge Silva Melo (1948-2022), who would later create Artistas Unidos.

In Carpintarias de S. Lázaro, the video installation by Mariana Ramos “DOBRA – inflections of a plane under a body” was inaugurated on June 14, which combines her sculptures with the bodies of dancers in four projections and a sound piece, “where the volumes and the movement unifies.”

The next day, “Matagal”, by Eduardo Breda, uses the power of the word, transformed into gesture and movement, to create a dramaturgy around the concepts of map and territory, which will be presented in full premiere until June 16 , at the Iberian Theater.

The programming of the first moment of Temps d’Images 2024 also includes, on June 2, at the Duplacena 77 space, a round table on Tordesillas, a creative project that brings together the SillySeason collective with the Chilean and Brazilian company Tercer Abstracto, marked through intercultural dialogue on ideas of borders and identity.

Temps d’Images, a multidisciplinary festival that marked two decades of activity in 2022, is a DuplaCena/Horta Seca production funded by the General Directorate of Arts and the Lisbon City Council.

According to the organization, since the event began in 2003, it has presented more than 400 pieces, many of them unpublished, by Portuguese and foreign authors, in different formats and genres, including performance, theater, installation, film, dance, photography and music.

Source: Observadora

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