“The Argentine judiciary has authorized the departure of most of the crew of a Venezuelan cargo plane, which was detained in the country for three months, amid an investigation by the authorities of the connection of one of its crew members with Iranian revolutionaries. Guards,” the French news agency AFP reports.

She pointed out that “The Court of Appeal of La Plata upheld the decision, handed down by the Court of First Instance in August, to set aside the decision to ban the departure of 12 of the 19 crew members from the country. This decision concerns 11 Venezuelans and one Iranian, but the latter decision can be appealed to the “Supreme” regional court. In addition, the seven crew members, four Iranians and three Venezuelans, are still prohibited from leaving Argentina, although they can move freely within it.

In an accelerated development of the case, the La Plata Court of Appeal gave the judge ten days to “complete the pending procedures and determine the procedural conditions and restrictions imposed on people and property,” according to the text of the ruling published by the official Argentine news agency Telam. Notably, a Venezuelan Boeing 747 cargo plane owned by Amstrassur, a subsidiary of the US-sanctioned state company Conviasa, has been parked in Argentina since early June last year.