The Czech Energy Minister explained: “We will hear from Germany, Denmark and Sweden about the deliberate sabotage of the Nord Stream pipelines,” noting that “what happened to the Nord Stream pipelines was a deliberate act and we will be ready for a unified response on this matter.” . He stressed: “We are in an energy war with Russia and we must act quickly as winter approaches.”

Yesterday, a representative of Nord Stream AG indicated that “it is quite likely that the gas leak from the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline will stop on Monday”, explaining that “it is impossible to predict the timing of the repair of gas transmission infrastructure before the completion of work.” damage assessment”, noting that “we intend to proceed with the assessment of damage to the pipeline as soon as we receive the necessary official approvals”.

Swedish television, in turn, reported that “explosions on the Nord Stream lines occurred near the Swedish-Polish power line.”

The Swedish foreign minister also said: “France, as chair of the Security Council, has informed us that Russia has requested a meeting to discuss the Nord Stream leak, and that this meeting is scheduled for Friday.” “Sweden and Denmark have instructed to provide members of the Security Council with information about the leak that occurred in their economic regions.”

On Tuesday, the Swedish Seismological Survey reported that “we detected strong underwater explosions in areas around the Nord Stream gas pipeline, coinciding with monitoring of reduced gas flows.”

Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen said the oil leak from the Nord Stream gas pipeline was intentional.

On September 26, the Danish Maritime Authority reported a gas leak in the Baltic Sea near the route of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline connecting Russia with Germany.