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US reaction to the adoption of the pound? The Saudi Foreign Minister made an important statement on normalization with Israel. Sisi is talking about Egypt causing huge losses due to the large number of Egyptians. An emergency statement from Egyptian security reveals details of the Alexandria ambush attack. Armed attack Security in Egypt Hasan Nasrallah on ambushes and losses: I invite you to watch the economic situation in Egypt, which signed the first peace agreement with Israel, a new step in Egypt after Sisi’s decision to draw maritime borders . The withdrawal will be a test of Russia’s influence in Libya. The German Defense Minister has issued a cryptic warning that Poland is sending tanks “without permission.” Sources quoting the head of American “intelligence”: Ukraine “Wagner” at a certain moment, Washington Responds to the intention of classifying the company as an “international criminal organization” Austin: A certain moment for conflict with Ukraine and nothing new about resupplying tanks to Kiev Media: Denmark regrets sending French Caesar to Ukraine mortars Germany expresses its concern over “heavy” Ukraine losses” near Artyomovsk and the imprisonment of a famous football player in Egypt’s Zamalek Club. Russia’s Zaborzhye region is making an “invisibility cloak” and special protective gear for its soldiers! For big money.. How much will Paris Saint-Germain win in the “Riyadh Season Cup” match? The new blow that paralyzed the black market in Egypt caused a heavy blow to the dollar through Russia, Egypt, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates! Nikki Haley: I’m the new leader, Saudi foreign minister announces deal with Russia NATO: Russia has ‘ambition’ and possibility of conflict remains 3 new countries lose their voting rights at the United Nations and others waiting for ‘Wagner’ forces to arrive Emirate’ Responding to rumors of an exit from Egypt, which is about to impose an operational blockade on Artemiovsk, a chain of stores owned by the world’s most famous billionaire, who there is a new announcement that “the threat of a judge ignites events”. RT explains the new developments Lawyer crisis in Donetsk Egypt.. a strategic declaration of the liberation of the people of the Ukrainian director and musician is heading to Artemovsk: Zelensky is undergoing a health check and his expressions on face shows his pain (video) .. Who owns it , how much did he pay and what did he get? (Video) Borrell recalls Russia’s victories over Napoleon and Hitler and calls on Ukraine to arm a popular drink that can help burn visceral fat in “weeks” An expert says the most effective weapon against German Leopard tanks Kremlin, Responding to the statements made by Zelensky in Davos. The presence of Putin and Russia Kremlin: We are closely monitoring the possibility of supplying weapons to Kiev from Latin America An American study talks about the effect of the “blue pill” on the life expectancy of man Nebenzia: The USA deliberately colluded with the armament of Kiev In Donbass Are crimes against civilians moving to the Messi Saudi League?.. Response from the Saudi official! The people of the occupied Syrian Golan sent a message to Egypt after its latest decision on them Council of Europe admits it has made it harder to impose sanctions on Russia White House: Russia’s statements on nuclear conflict are dangerous in Egypt.. Security takes revenge for Egypt against Alexandria forces Victims of the attack Tehran reveals that the killed British spy received a large sum of money The US Department of Defense “immediately” published the list of his new military aid to Ukraine The Turkish Foreign Ministry, citing the Swedish ambassador, mentioned the burning of the Qur’an in front of the Turkish embassy Allowing Oil for any money Advice to Kiev: leave from Artemivsk Moscow warns the Washington whose strategy will lead to world disaster To Washington’s allies: Hurry to send weapons.. We face a decisive moment! Ukrainian president attacks German chancellor for giving tanks to Ukraine A small change in daily showering could lead to longer life Russia may ban e-cigarettes permanent international gun that day A doctor revealed the benefits and harms of cheese and its relationship with love Pentagon 9 Latino countries Pompeo: Nikki Haley worked with Kushner and Ivanka to take the position of vice president of Egypt the process of change began in the largest island on the banks of the Nile, Ronaldo’s first comment on the conflict Messi and his companions (photos) Warsaw: “Russia is patient” and the West can get bored. Putin fired the assistant Secretary of Russia’s Security Council. The Egyptian government talks about selling “kilo” of bread to citizens and their terms. “to avoid paying the debt German defense for the American lawmaker who forged his job: there is no coherent alliance interested in supplying “Leopard” tanks to Kiev Night rumors / 20.01.2023/ An airline of Arab launches flights to Moscow The biggest obstacle to negotiations between Moscow and Kyiv is Egypt Is there a food disaster too? Freezing the bank accounts of the “RT France” channel in France Moscow comments on Washington’s plans to transfer Russian assets to Ukraine Have the Americans discovered the immortal secret of Damascus? Hungary has cut off a group of European military aid to Ukraine. Washington failed to persuade Berlin to provide tanks to Kiev to supply India with a vaccine against the coronavirus. Pfizer needs legal protection, but no one has succeeded.. $5,500 palace Signs Ukrainian Nazism Support Will Be Withdrawn West, Hungary Looks against. Don’t put off today’s work until tomorrow.. A study shows the serious consequences of procrastination.. Nguyen Xuan Phuc.. Her husband’s involvement in a scandal that prompted her to step down as President of Vietnam ! The Minister of Finance of France calls for an end to the conflict in Ukraine because of the economic damage it has caused..Messi expresses his feelings to confront Ronaldo (video) Nasrallah’s daughter makes statements about the Lebanese woman who came from Tehran. “Madeira missile” targets after Russian ship sails to Saudi victory from Hawaiian Islands (video) Delaying breakfast until 11 can add 20 years to age Sisi adviser warns Egyptians about “drug cocktail” RT monitors the forces of Wagner in the neighborhoods of Artyomovsk “Bakhmut” progress Raghad Saddam Hussein comments on the victory of the Iraqi team in the “Gulf 25” championship Muqtada al-Sadr comments on the victory of Iraq in the “Gulf 25 ” championship.

Republican Representative George Santos denied reports that he is working as an actor. He is at the center of a series of federal investigations accused of lying about his resume, college education, and work history.

“The media’s latest obsession is claiming that I’m working as an actress Drag Queen … which is categorically false”, Santos said in a tweet, attacking the media for continuing to report on her life thinking she’s trying to do it. finish his term in Congress.

“While I was doing the results, the media kept making outrageous claims about my life,” Santos added.

Santos, who is gay, faces an investigation by federal authorities for campaign finance violations. He has also been accused of lying on several issues, including fabricating his professional resume as a Wall Street financier, claiming to be Jewish with his grandparents fleeing the Holocaust, and running an animal rescue charity .

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