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UN expresses deep alarm at worsening violence in Myanmar

The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights said he was “deeply alarmed” by worsening violence in Rakhine state, warning of the possibility of further “atrocities”.

Reporting that his services are trying to “corroborate reports of serious violations,” Volker Turk said he was “deeply alarmed by reports of worsening violence and destruction of property in the northern town of Buthidaung.” Rakhine, which displaced perhaps tens of thousands of people, mainly Rohingya.”

“With inter-communal tensions high between the Rakhine and Rohingya ethnic groups – and actively fueled by the military – this is a critical time when the risk of further criminal atrocities is particularly high,” according to the UN official, quoted in a statement.

Criminal atrocities (genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes) are considered by the UN to be the most serious crimes among others that also include an international component.

In 2017, a large-scale persecution by the military against the Rohingya minority took place in Rakhine state, which is being investigated by the United Nations for genocide.

Fresh clashes have rocked this state since the Arakan Army (AA, Arakan is the old name of Rakhine) attacked security forces in November, ending a ceasefire respected since the 2021 junta coup.

Türk called for an end to the fighting and the protection of the population, as well as for the parties to the conflict to allow “immediate and unhindered humanitarian access.”

The official also urged fighters to “fully and unconditionally respect international law, including measures already ordered by the International Court of Justice for the protection of the Rohingya.”

As for Bangladesh, the High Commissioner asked it to “renew its protection” for refugees, after the country tightened security along its border with Myanmar, fearing that the conflict would trigger a new influx of Rohingya.

Bangladesh hosts almost a million Rohingya refugees. Most of these refugees fled the violent military crackdown in Myanmar in 2017.

Source: Observadora

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