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Sean “Diddy” Combs apologizes after publishing video that proves assault on Cassandra Ventura

The musician and businessman published a video in which he claims to have “hit rock bottom”, taking “full responsibility” for the “disgusting” behavior against Cassandra Ventura.

Sean “Diddy” Combs apologized for what he called “inexcusable” behavior following the release of hotel surveillance footage showing the musician and businessman also known as Puff Daddy attacking Cassie Ventura in a video dating back to 2016, when the American had a relationship with the singer.

The producer also shared a video this Sunday, on the social network Instagram, in which claims to have “hit rock bottom” and take “full responsibility” for his behavior that he describes as “disgusting.”

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Combs explains that he was disgusted by his own actions “at the time,” which led him to seek professional help in the form of therapy and rehabilitation. In the video posted by cnn“Diddy” Combs is filmed attacking Cassandra Ventura, singer of R&B.

Video surveillance footage shows rapper Sean Diddy Combs attacking Cassie Ventura in 2016

In the images you can see Cassandra Ventura leaving a hotel room towards the elevator area. Shortly after her she is followed by “Diddy”, who runs after her with a towel around her waist. Upon reaching it, the rapper He grabs her by the back of the neck and throws her to the ground, kicking her..

The footage shows Combs attacking Cassandra again, with her curled up on the floor and attempting to drag her into one of the bedrooms. Cassie Ventura filed a complaint against Combs, citing an assault at the InterContinental Hotel, to which she Artist Reportedly Paid $50,000 for CCTV Footage.

After the case, Combs was the subject of five other complaints related to a series of allegations of sexual misconduct and illegal activities. oh rapper He denied the accusations and the process is still ongoing. In November of last year, Sean “Diddy” had already been the target of accusations of rape and physical violence for years by the R&B singer.

USA Hip-hop star Sean Diddy Combs accused of rape by singer Cassie

In the 35-page complaint before the federal court in the United States, it is said that “Puff Daddy” subjected the singer to savage beatings, filled her with drugs and forced her to have sexual relations with other men while he masturbated and filmed them.

Especially in the 1990s and 2000s, “Diddy” was an influential figure in the United States, not only in hip hop, but also in the world of business and entertainment. In recent months he has been the subject of several legal proceedings, in which he is accused of sexual crimes in which he allegedly used this influence and wealth to coerce victims.

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