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Marcelo more convinced than Medina. “The government is certainly preparing measures to mitigate the increase in fuel prices”

The President of the Republic, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, poses for a photograph next to a mural in honor of a fisherman, during a long walk through the neighborhood known as "Little Portugal" in Toronto, Canada, September 17, 2023. The President concludes a five-day official visit to Canada today.  NUNO VEIGA/LUSA

The President of the Republic expressed his conviction that the Government “is aware” of the increase in fuel prices and “is preparing measures or, at least, ways to mitigate the situation.” Marcelo

Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, who was speaking to reporters during a walking tour of Toronto’s most Portuguese neighborhood, known as “Little Portugal,” on the last day of his official visit to Canada, was much more assertive than the day before. Finance Minister. Fernando Medina will once again take measures to protect families “if absolutely necessary.”

“We are evaluating and we have to evaluate what will happen from the point of view of price evolution, whether we are in an exceptionally temporary peak that then returns or not,” said the minister, ruling out the fiscal factor as a determining factor. due to the new increase in diesel, which is expected to rise between 5 and 6 cents per liter this week. This “peak” is due to the appreciation of oil prices.

Government stopped recovery of the carbon tax and guarantees that the new increase in diesel is not the fault of taxes

Asked if he is already aware of any measure that António Costa’s Government is preparing to deal with the new increase in diesel and gasoline, the Head of State considered that “as in other areas, the Government is paying attention to this problem” . According to the President of the Republic, the executive “is certainly preparing measures or, at least, ways to mitigate the situation, because it is a situation that weighs heavily on inflation in Portugal and other European countries.”

“I mean, our [inflação] It is still relatively low, but, within our inflation, there is no doubt that fuel, as in Europe and the world, weighs a lot again,” he added.

Source: Observadora

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