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Spanish populists defend scandalous return of ex-king

Spain’s populist party VOX has advocated the extradition of King Juan Carlos, who was kidnapped after the former monarch was out of the country for nearly two years, after prosecutors halted financial investigations.

The party’s representative in the Spanish parliament, VOX MP Ivan Espinosa de los Monteros, defended Juan Carlos’s return to Spain after a two-year hiatus and said the former monarch could return “anytime”.

Espinosa de los Monteros, a Spanish news service, said: “A Spanish citizen, who can visit his country at any time, is hiding nothing, despite the left’s relentless attempts to point and falsely accuse, because there is nothing.” . This was reported by the European press.
Former King Juan Carlos has made money in various businesses in Saudi Arabia and this is what the current King 6

Spanish investigators conducted at least three investigations into Juan Carlos’ cases, which were ended by the prosecution in March.

“The public prosecutor wishes to clarify that despite the investigation … no criminal prosecution can be brought against His Highness Juan Carlos de Borbón for the reasons set out in the decree – mainly the lack of evidentiary evidence, the statute of limitations, immunity of the court. head of state and tax regulation, ”said the prosecutor.

Juan Carlos is expected to arrive in Spain this weekend and travel to Galatia and Madrid, where the former king is also expected to meet with his son, King Filipe VI.

The monarchy in Spain is a contentious issue among those who believe the country should become a republic, with left-wing parties like Podemos and others supporting an informal citizens’ consultation on the issue, which took place Saturday.

A little more 80,000 people He took part in what VOX calls illegal, and more than 90 percent of voters want Spain to become a republic.

Source: Breitbart

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